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Service areas

Homelab provides wide range of products and rebates to most of the Victoria locations. Whether we service your area depends on the activity and whether or not we can use our own or local installers.


Upgrades are installations performed by our own trained installers and include replacement of  

  • Showerheads - business and residential)

  • Doorseals - residential and guest rooms in accommodation businesses (hotels, motels, age care)

  • Fan covers - residential and guest rooms in accommodation businesses (hotels, motels, age care)

  • Lights - business and residential

  • In-Home Displays (energy monitors) - residential only - new product (no replacement)

  • Commercial lights - business only

  • Pre-rinse spray vale - business only, free product, paid installation. 

Service area

We cover extended Melbourne Metro area up to 


In more remote locations within this extended area you might have to wait until we get some more work in it or on the way to it. Subject to individual arrangement, we can also travel outside the area, but we need minimum 1 day's work.   


Rebates are installations performed by your own installer or purchases of appliances. As such they don't require our staff to be present on site so we can process jobs from anywhere in Victoria. Unless mentioned, the activities are available for both business and residential consumers. 

  • Hot Water Systems

  • Heaters and air conditioners

  • Evaporative coolers

  • Double glazing

  • Window film

  • Solid door fridge or freezer

  • Display fridge or freezer - business only 

  • Clothes dryer

  • TV 


Our services also include a number of energy ratings and sustainability assessments which are paid services and done either off the plans or by inspection. 

Off the plan assessments can be done for locations anywhere in Australia (not just Victoria) and include 

  • NatHERS ratings

  • DTS reports

  • Room-By-Room reports

Assessments which require inspection are  

  • Scorecard assessments

  • Super-Seal reports/quotes

  • Pre-purchase reports

Please see our assessment website (BeEnergyEfficient) for information about the content and pricing. 

Our main area of service is circled in green. We can also travel to areas within blue circle. 

We are based in northern Melbourne. 

Travel surcharge will apply for assessments more than 50km away (street drive).  

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