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See what products we can install


See what products we can install


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Rebates - Residential and Business

Rebate process

  • You, the consumer, arrange the purchase or installation of the product.

  • The product must be approved under VEU scheme (see below how to check)

  • You collect the evidence required and signed forms and send to us (we provide checklist)

  • We process the application and submit to the authority to approve for registration

  • Once audited and registered, we pay your cash benefit to your account

Please note: space heating and water heating upgrades involve replacing old equipment. It is important to document the old product in place with photographs and closeups of any brand and model markings. After the installation, the old product/equipment must be rendered permanently inoperable (decommissioned). One of the conditions of receiving the rebate is that the old products can not be re-used. You will need to keep recycling receipt and/or photographic evidence of the method of decommissioning.

Approved products

To check if the product is approved

1. Go to

2. Select product activity from pull down list

3. Press Search

4. A list of all approved products will be dsiplayed, you can browse, filter by name or brand, export

Eligible activities

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