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Non-VEU Upgrades

The products in this section are not available for free installation under VEU scheme. We provide them at affordable prices to complement VEU range of installations. 



WIndow film - Clear vinyl film cut to size and attached to window frame with clear double sided tape and shrunk to remove wrinkles. Invisible after installation, lets the light in and creates double glazing effect. Can be applied to individual panes to allow opening of windows or to the entire frame for maximum effect. Non-removable, once removed or broken, a new film must be attached. Good performance at small fraction of double glazing cost. Price per 1 sqm.



Wall vent seal - designed to cover unwanted wall vents. It prevents cold draughts in winter, hot draughts in summer, and outside pollutants. Not recommended in rooms with unflued gas heaters. Not active due to no products have been approved for this activity. Limited stock available at cost for DYI installation. Can't be installed if unflued gas heater is present. 



Halogen downlight replacement with 6W non-dimmable globes. Additional fee may apply for dimmable lights, transformer replacement or dimmer switches. The lights are discontinued on VEU but we can still provide them at affordable prices.  



Halogen downlight replacement with 5W dimmable luminaires, IC4 rated (can be covered with insulation). A dimmer replacement might be required if not compatible with existing dimmers. Installed by licensed electrician. Certificate of electrical safety will be issued. 



LED globes - Incandescent globes and CFLs, no spares or empty sockets. We have bayonet and screw type globes, both regular and small base. The globes used are bright and omnidirectional 



PAR38 reflector 12W-15W. Replaces 75W-150W spotlights in screw type socket.



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