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From 1 June 2023, rebates will be available for Scorecard residential energy assessments  

Homelab can provide a number of assessments and reports depending on the reason - Scorecard, Nathers New House or Renovation, DTS, Pre-Purchase, Electrification, and more

For information about subsidized Scorecard assessment read below. 

For information about other reports and prices call or Contact Us 

The subsidized Scorecard assessment includes

  • On site inspection of building shell and fixed appliances

  • Recommendations of improvements to help reduce energy usage (and energy bills)

All Victorian households will be eligible for this rebate once every 5 years or when moved in to new premises

The amount of rebate can vary slightly from time to time. Currently the rebate is expected to be 

  • $130 in Melbourne metro

  • $195 in regional Victoria

And it can be paid to 

  • Accredited assessors who provided their customers with rebate discount on the assessment

  • Eligible consumers (residents) who had the assessment done and paid the assessor full price

To process the rebate we will need (details are still being finalized) 

  • Assignment/Claim form signed by the consumer and the assessor

  • Invoice for the assessment issued to the consumer

  • Assessor selfie

  • Assessment certificate

To maintain the compliance we will be required to conduct phone verification of random % of assessments. Both residents and assessors should be aware of this compliance requirement.

To access the rebate 

  • Residents should register for rebate by clicking on Register button below or on top of the page. We will contact you to book the assessment and/or process the rebate. If registered before June 1, we will keep your details on our waiting list and contact you once the rebate becomes available (in order received). 

  • Assessors can sign up for rebates by clicking Sign Up button below. We will contact you to complete preliminaries, induction to the activity and set up the process. This can also be done before your first job is processed.  

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