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Ducted gas heater and Gas room heater 

Ducted and room gas heaters can be upgraded to electric heat pump split systems. 

How much rebate can I get?

The rebate depends on the brand and model of the product installed, type of the old product decommissioned, the postcode (the climate) and fluctuating certificate price. Please advise the brand/model or send us a quote from the installer and we will quote the exact amount rebate for your claim. For an estimate, register and we will send you the estimated rebates on various upgrade sizes and scenarios

What do I need to do?

You need to 

- Get a quote from your selected HVAC company or installer (plumber). Best to get 2 or 3 as prices can vary.

- Ensure the new product is approved for rebate

- Take pictures before and after (distance and close ups of brand/model/serial)

- Take pictures of decommissioning (rendering permanently inoperable, ensuring the old product cannot be re-used)

- Provide invoice for works specifying brand and model of the installed product

- Provide certificates (VBA and electrical) with brand/model/serial number of new product and decommission details

- Fill in and sign the claim form, and get the installer to sign 

Does the installer need to be accredited with VEU? 

No. But the installer must be a licensed plumber. 

How do I start?

To process the rebate using upgrade options currently available register on our Register page. We will send you approved product list, the claim form and a step-by-step checklist to complete the activity and collect the required evidence.


We need geotagged pictures are required of old appliance being replaced, decommission and new product after installation. As the installations often include the installer removing old appliance from the site, the pictures of old unit or it's decommission can not be re-taken after it is gone. So it is critical that you take these pictures and that you can send them to us unchanged and unedited. This is often a problem so please make sure you can provide geotagged pictures before the installation goes ahead (ie by sending us a sample picture to confirm). 


Decommission is also a critical part of the installation for which we require evidence in form of pictures. The installer must disconnect, remove and decommission the old unit. Decommission involves making the old unit permanently inoperable, which means the installer must do some form of permanent destruction to ensure it can't be re-used. An example of decommissioning could be a combination of cutting cords, capping pipes and wires, removing control panel lights or displays, partial disassembly, removing vital part like power supply etc. 

For more information please give us a call.


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