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Residential Upgrades - Products

Installation process

  • Our installer will assess how many products you qualify for and discuss any issues or questions you may have

  • You will have the final decision if you would like the product or not

  • Our approved products will then be installed

  • We will collect documentation of the installation

  • At the end of the installation you will be asked to sign VEEC assignment form

  • You may receive an audit call to verify the details of the installation 

Scorecard assessment subsidized service including in home inspection and certificate with energy efficiency upgrade recommendations. Book the inspection with us for discounted price or claim rebate for completed assessment. Available from June 1st, 2023. See Energy assessments page.  

Evaporative cooling vent cover - removable cover to seal the vents in winter. Vent cover rebates are not uniform, the rebate will depend on quantity because the rebate is small and the cost is often higher. 

1-2 - $11 ea

3 - all free

4-7 - first 3 free, the rest $11 ea

8 - all free

9 - 12 - first 8 free, the rest $11 ea

13 - all free 

14+ - first 13 free, the rest $11 ea      

Chimney seal - damper-like pad installed inside your chimney (not a balloon).  

Door seal - seals door bottom gap up to 17mm wide, doors up to 920mm. Installed on external doors, keeps home warmer in winter and cooler in summer by eliminating external drafts and also preventing dust and leaves entering the home. Can't be installed if unflued gas heater is present

Draft Stoppa Fan seal seals existing exhaust fans. When the fan is not working the flaps close preventing uncontrolled air/heat transfer between the room and roof space.

Shower heads - max 2 per household, including any shower heads provided by similar service in the past. The replaced shower heads must be more than 9L/min and the installer must take them away for decommissioning. 

In Home Display - Energy monitor. Monitor your electricity usage statistics, find out what is using energy in your home.

The following upgrades are no longer available for free. We have limited stock left and can provide at discount price. Products are available for self-install (DIY) or can be installed by our installer.



Wall vent seal - designed to cover unwanted wall vents. It prevents cold draughts in winter, hot draughts in summer, and outside pollutants. Not recommended in rooms with unflued gas heaters. Not active due to no products have been approved for this activity. Limited stock available at cost for DYI installation. Can't be installed if unflued gas heater is present. 



Halogen downlight replacement with 6W non-dimmable globes. Additional fee may apply for dimmable lights, transformer replacement or dimmer switches.  



Halogen downlight replacement with 5W dimmable luminaires, IC4 rated (can be covered with insulation). A dimmer replacement might be required if not compatible with existing dimmers. Installed by licensed electrician. Certificate of electrical safety will be issued. 



LED globes - Incandescent globes and CFLs, no spares or empty sockets. We have bayonet and screw type globes, both regular and small base. The globes used are bright and omnidirectional 



PAR38 reflector 12W-15W. Replaces 75W-150W spotlights in screw type socket.



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