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Assessor sign-up

To sign up enter your details below, as registered with Scorecard. To complete the setup you will also need to complete our induction. The induction takes around 30 minutes, depending how many questions you have. Please advise your availability and we will try to book it in your preferred time. After induction we will need to sign the contract and you will be ready to claim rebates. The contract is for payment of completed assessments ONLY and we will process and pay weekly when we receive details of each claim. You will not be expected or obliged to perform assessments, provide information or perform any service other than what is required to claim the rebate for work you completed. And we will NOT solicit any upgrades without your knowledge and consumer's agreement.   

As we can process other rebates, including for upgrades as a result of your assessment, we can make additional arrangements, but you will have to ask because we don't push any products or services.      

Assessor number*

Assessor Name*

Assessor Surname*

Assessor Phone*

Assessor Email*

Business name*

Business ABN*


Business, ABN & GST status is required

Assessors working as sole traders under their own name, enter full legal name as business name. 

We must have a valid ABN to make payments

Our assessment rebate quotes are ex GST.

By default, we withhold and pay GST to ATO as most residential consumers and many  assessors will not be registered to collect GST.  

If the ABN quoted here is registered for GST, we will pay the rebate including GST

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