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   Small Business Energy Saver Program

Small Business Energy Saver Program

In addition to VEU rebates, Sustainability Victoria is providing additional bonus for selected upgrades. The bonus is capped at $2000 (50 vouchers) per business - ie total of all eligible activities and installations claimed under SBESP.

The bonus is provided at the same time as your VEU benefit.

The conditions are

- small business (up to 19 employees)

- must operate from commercial premises

- must sign the form disclosing electricity and gas usage details 

For any inquiries or questions about SBESP program use our contact form.

To claim your VEU and SBESP rebates you will need (click on links to download)

1. SV forms to claim small business bonus

SV bonus form

SV information

2. One or more VEU Activity Forms and matching Activity Guides

(Follow the checklists at the end of each Activity Form to complete the claim)

VEU Activity Form (claim form)

VEU Activity Guide

The rebates in the SBESP Schedule are average rebates calculated on selected product. We can work out the exact amount for your specific product, but if you would like to do it yourself, please follow the steps below.

To check if the new product is eligible for a rebate, follow the link below and enter required activity type. The list can be filtered by brand or model or any other field. Only product on the list are eligible for a rebate.

Please contact us and we can calculate the amount of rebates for a specific product.