Homelab - Building Services
High energy usage can be caused by several factors
 - inefficient or faulty appliances
 - inefficient living habits/routines
 - inefficient building design
 - high electricity rates
In addition to free and subsidised products, our services can help identifying high usage area/appliance and recommend best course of action. To assist with this process, Homelab can provide energy assessments with various level of detail to suit your needs.  
Basic Assessment - Free
The basic assessment is included in your VEU installation appointment. It involves walking around the house, and visual identifiction of areas which may need improvement. It is mainly aimed to determine which energy efficiency products can be installed and to ensure you have received all benefits you are entitled to under VEET scheme, but we will also identify any other issues and discuss these with you as well as answer any questions you may have.
Energy Usage Assessment - Paid (see below)
The paid Energy Usage Assessment can help identifying energy areas or appliances. The assessment involves 1 to 1.5 hour appointment during which we collect the following information:
- Measure energy usage of your appliances and lights
- Collect information about building shell 
- Ask questions about your usage of electricity
- Check your rates and tariffs (from energy bills)
We will then process this information and produce a report including
- Detailed usage analysis by area highlighting high usage items
- List of recommendations to reduce energy usage
- List of tips and ideas on how to save energy