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Free products and installation
Please use the contact page to book  an installation

All products in this section are free and installation is free. According to VEET regulations, all products must be installed by Homelab and checked if they operate correctly. At the end of the installation the householder must sign the VEEC assignment form to assign the rights to create certificates to us.
Please note, the residential sector is saturated with energy efficiency products. Even if you haven't had any installations before, chances are that previous owner or tenant had an installation done and took the energy efficient products to their new residence, replacing back the inefficient lights and other products.

We are unable to tell whether there was a prior installation at any address until we install the products ourselves and lodge the claim. This usually results in claims being rejected and to avoid loss we install on "delayed cash" benefit rather than "free product and free installation". The delayed cash benefit works as follows:

1. We install the products and collect payment on or before installation
2. Within a few days we lodge the claim and if it is accepted we will refund the payment to the customer. If it is not accepted we will keep the money and provide you with the invoice and proof that it was rejected.   

Installation process
  • Our installer will assess how many products you qualify for and discuss any related issues or questions you may have
  • You will have the final decision if you would like the product or not
  • Our approved products will then be installed
  • At the end of the installation you will be asked to sign VEEC assignment form
  • An audit call (to verify the installation) will be made either on the spot or within a few days from the installation.
Product eligibility
With the exception of lights and showerheads, previous installations at the same address make the consumer ineligible to receive the products.

12V Halogen downlight replacement with 6W non-dimmable, 500 lumen LEDs. Installed by licensed electrician. The installer must take the old lights away for decommissioning. A fee may apply for dimmable lights, transformer replacement, installation of new fittings, dimmer switches or lights different than those on free offer. 

LED globes - incandescent light replacement, no spares or empty sockets. Incandescent globes only (no CFLs).The installer must take the old globes away for decommissioning. We have bayonet and screw type globes, both regular and small base. Dimmable globes are also available. Refundable cost $8.00 per globe, see above for details

PAR38 reflector. Replaces common spotlights in screw type socket.
The installer must take the old globes away for decommissioning.

Shower heads - max 2 per household, including any shower heads provided by similar service in the past. The replaced shower heads must be more than 9L/min and the installer must take them away for decommissioning. Refundable cost $20.00 per showerhead, see above for details  
SPC's - standby power controllers - max 4 per household, including any SPC's (TV or PC combined) provided by similar service in the past.
The TV must have at least 1 other appliance which can be turned off (DVD, VCR, set top box etc). Refundable cost $30.00 per SPC, see above for details

Weather sealing approved products list has been reset and currently only chimney seals and fan seals are available to install. We will add services as manufacturers get their products re-approved.

Door seal - seals door bottom gap up to 17mm wide, doors up to 920mm. Installed on external doors, keeps home warmer in winter and cooler in summer by eliminating external drafts and also preventing dust and leaves entering the home

Wall vent seal - designed to cover unwanted wall vents. It prevents cold draughts in winter, hot draughts in summer, and outside pollutants. Not recommended in rooms with unflued gas heaters.

Chimney seal - stops heat escaping through the chimney, eliminates drafts. The baloon is shaped to prevent moisture accumulating on top. Easy to remove if the fireplace is to be used, and reinstalls in a few seconds. Includes reminder disc to prevent starting fire while the seals is in place.

Draft Stoppa Fan seal seals existing exhaust fans. When the fan is not working the flaps close preventing uncontrolled air/heat transfer between the room and roof space.