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Commercial upgrade subsidies

Calculating the amount of subsidy for any commercial project is a complex process in most cases because it depends, among other variables, on business activity conducted in each area being upgraded (Space Type).  

Each Space Type is assigned between 1000 and 8500 annual operating hours (AOH) which determines the number of certificates (VEECs) and thus the level of subsidy for that Space Type. Most businesses will have 2-3 Space Types and the level of subsidy could be different depending on each space AOH rating. The table below shows AOH rating of typical space types.

 Space types
 % subsidised 
 Fence, mast, antenna, retaining wall, swimming pool, or the like
Assembly - church, public hall, club, cinema, theatre, bus/railway station, sports or stadium.
Office, rooms and cabins in hotels/motels etc., lab or library, GP and dentist practice, vet, car service or repair shop (if not part of car dealer or service station), child care
Retail and wholesale, manufacturing, packaging and storage, restaurant, café, bar etc., service station
Health care, aged care
Undercover car park, common areas of flat/apartment block and hotels/motels etc.
Maintained emergency lighting

The % subsidised value is indicative only, and it shows how much of the total cost of the upgrade will be subsidised for each space type. The value is estimated depending on AOH rating, product type and cost, and current certificate price.  

Every part of a building must be separately classified. However, where a part has a different purpose and is not more than 10% of the floor area of the storey it is on, then it may be considered to be ancillary to the major use. For instance, if a single storey warehouse (AOH=5000) has an office (AOH=3000) which takes up only 8% of the floor area, the whole building can be classified as a AOH 5000. However, if the office takes up 12% of the floor area then the building has mixed uses and the warehouse (AOH 5000) and office (AOH 3000) must be classified separately

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